A Marketplace for Music Licenses


A Marketplace
for Music Licenses

What is NPREX®?

The National Performing Rights Exchange, NPREX®, is an electronic marketplace for direct licensing of music performance rights, among others. Not a Performing Rights Organization, NPREX® is a patented software platform through which music publishers and record labels sell licenses directly to music users. Like any well-designed marketplace, NPREX matches buyers and sellers, automates the generation of
well-designed market prices, internalizes externalities and minimizes transactions costs.

For more on how the NPREX® works, see our FAQs.

The Centerpiece of NPREX®
A Pricing Algorithm

The NPREX® Pricing Algorithm uses mathematical economics to automate the generation of market prices by programmatically mapping certain easily agreed upon licensing terms to the price of a music license.

For more on how the NPREX® Pricing Algorithm works,
see our FAQs.


An Efficient and Elegant Marketplace for the Performing Rights Industry

NPREX® implements an elegant market-based licensing solution that costs a fraction of the costs of the societies, that increases music royalties and that finally puts the performing rights industry on solid economic and legal footing.

The Marketplace Music Users Deserve

NPREX® serves as the one-stop shop for a music user.  Both permission to use music in the future and forgiveness for having used music without permission can be purchased through NPREX.  Plus, independent brokers from NPREX Brokerage stand ready to advise and transact on behalf of each music user at no additional cost.