The New Paradigm in Music Licensing


The New Paradigm in Music Licensing

What is NPREX®?

The National Performing Rights Exchange, NPREX®, is a marketplace for direct licensing in music performing rights. Not a Performing Rights Organization, NPREX® is a patented platform for direct licensing between publishers and labels, on the one hand, and music broadcasters and streaming services, on the other.

The Centerpiece of NPREX® - A Pricing Algorithm.

The patented NPREX® exchange is a triumph of economics, math and computer science. The centerpiece of this revolutionary exchange is the NPREX® pricing algorithm that provides a mathematically rigorous pricing-formula derived from first principles of economics. In theory, the price that a willing buyer and a willing seller ultimately agree upon can be just about anything between the minimum a seller will accept and the maximum a buyer will pay. The NPREX® Pricing Algorithm provides a simple, yet rational, means for reaching this price.


An Efficient and Elegant Marketplace for the Performing Rights Industry

Built specifically for the performing rights industry, NPREX® implements a simple, elegant market-based licensing solution that costs a fraction of the current paradigm and finally puts the performing rights industry on solid economic and legal footing.

The Marketplace Music Users Deserve

NPREX® serves as the one-stop shop for direct licensing in songs and sound recordings. Music users pay for what they play. The prices they pay are the prices they negotiate directly with the rights holders through NPREX®.