About NPREX®

The new paradigm in music licensing

The National Performing Rights Exchange (“NPREX”) is the patented marketplace for music licenses where music owners sell licenses directly to music broadcasters, digital streaming services and other businesses that perform music in public.

The only organized exchange for music licensing of its kind, NPREX uses proprietary algorithms to make transactions simple, intelligent and efficient. An interface makes it simple for a buyer or seller to reveal their preferences. A matching algorithm then automates the execution of a license between a buyer and a seller whose revealed preferences match. The NPREX pricing algorithm computes a market price for a direct license based in part on the agreed-upon terms within a music license. The calculation calls on a state-of-the-art price mechanism based on economic theory and implemented with advanced math.

NPREX® is a reformation of the $25 billion music licensing industry, which for 100 years has gone without an organized transactional platform for music licenses between music owners and music users. Licensing middlemen have dominated this space all this time employing unenlightened licensing mechanisms blind to the innovations of mathematical economics and technology and saddling the industry with antitrust regulations that cost both music users and music owners.

NPREX® is a free market for music performance licenses that costs pennies on the dollar to operate.

The future of the troubled music performing rights industry is not its past. The future of the industry is NPREX®.