Exchange for Music Licensing

NPREX® is an organized exchange for direct licensing transactions in music performance, synch and mechanical licenses.

An exchange that does what any financial exchange does, NPREX® facilitates a transaction in a financial contract between a buyer and seller. The financial contract on NPREX® is not a stock or a bond but a standardized music license that conveys from the seller to the buyer the right to use music. The license can be a performance, synch or mechanical license.

A triumph of math, economics and computer science, NPREX® automates licensing transactions with algorithms that are under the control of the music owners and music users. A matching algorithm matches the like-minded buyer and seller according to their individual preferences revealed directly to NPREX®. A pricing algorithm that is based on economic theory and implemented with advanced math generates market prices calibrated according to the terms agreed upon by a buyer and seller.  Contact NPREX at 615-377-2588 x 106.