About NPREX®

The new paradigm in music licensing

NPREX® is a marketplace for direct licensing transactions in the music performing rights industry. A transaction in NPREX® has two stages: before and after music usage.

During the first stage, the broadcaster agrees to pay a fee in the future in exchange for permission to perform music of the rights holder. The fee may be a fixed fee or a variable fee. If the fee is variable, then the broadcaster will agree to pay an amount determined by the NPREX® Pricing Algorithm, based in part on the NPREX® Price Parameter, a measure of the rights holder’s bargaining power. The agreeable broadcaster will receive a license.

During the second stage, the NPREX® Pricing Algorithm will generate a range of acceptable prices based on actual music performance data and the agreed upon Pricing Parameters. The parties to a transaction will negotiate a price within the acceptable price range. Once an agreement is reached, NPREX® will handle the funds transfer through the NPREX® clearing house. Writers, Publishers, Artists and Labels will pay pennies on the dollar for this service, which will usher in a renaissance in the performing rights industry.

The future of the troubled music performing rights industry is not its past. The future of the industry is NPREX.